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Being a Woman - Embrace Inner Beauty

By :Lintle Mabote 0 comments
Being a Woman - Embrace Inner Beauty
Live’s challenges and experiences distort the way women feel about or relate with the self. We get exposed to situations that weaken the sense of I AM that is associated with loss of power. Sadly, this is imprinted in the traditions and cultural practices, they are at the core of conditioning and belief systems which influence us as we evolve through the various stages of life.
We are taught from an early age that we are weak and that men are superior. "Being a Woman" is a series that empowers women to be emotionally independent and to have self-worth. Women are very powerful beings, they are creators, they bring life into existence. Sadly, societal norms and cultural practices continue to oppress them. This series owning the inner power and using it wisely for the advancement of the self and humankind.
The series promotes emotional independence, improves understanding of the self and the ability to transcend into your innermost parts to identify issues that take away your peace and block you from being the best version of yourself and attaining your highest potential. Unfortunately, this requires courage and determination to refocus your life. This includes;
  1. Understanding the self;
  2. Shedding beliefs and conditioning that do no longer serve you;
  3. Transforming the pain that is caused by experiences and memories;
  4. Acknowledging how your choice influenced your current status
  5. Aligning the emotional, physical and energy bodies; and
  6. Incorporating everything that you learn and taking control of your life.
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