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About Us

About Us

O-Sephalaphala (pronounced o-se-p-ha-la-p-ha-la) (Pty) Ltd. Sephalaphala is an African term which is specifically used to define a beautiful woman. Osephalaphala means you are beautiful. However we promote the non-physical aspect of beauty, the essence. The dictionary defines the essence as "the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract, which determines its character". We achieve this through various healing modalities and programmes which assist and support emotional health. Our duty is to empower women to be socially and financially independent, to create an environment where they can thrive.

Our vision is to promote a holistic approach to wellness for women. 

Our mission statement is to provide 100% natural affordable products to support the physical aspect of the self. We also provide resources and tools to support the mind, body and spiritual aspects of the self.

Our values are to be of service to our community. Our solutions promote love of the self and the environment. We source our products from suppliers who adopt practices that promote integrated sustainability.

The founder of Osephalaphala, Ms Lintle Mabote is a Certified Director, a Certified Ethics Officer, social entrepreneur, a Transformation Coach and a business mentor. Ms Mabote is a longevity activist, and a health and fitness enthusiast. Her desire is to live a happy, meaningful and fulfilled life, to inspire others and to help those who may feel called to work with her.

She is a wife and a mother, and adopts a simple and yet powerful definition of  a mother as “a woman who holds a position of authority or responsibility”. Women are mothers; they train, discipline, nurture and play a leading role in the upbringing of children and a certain level of stability in a society. In order to fulfill the responsibilities it is important for women to attain a certain level of confidence and self belief in their capabilities.

Osephalaphala, O motle, You are Beautiful, Umhle, Wakanaka, Vho naka, Jy is pragtig ..