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Beautiful Feet
campaign that promotes proper care of the feet.

We provide a wide range of insoles that are good for sports and orthotics, arch support, and transverse support, which can help to distribute pressure on the heel. We provide various feet treatment and massages for post operation and diabetics patients that are based on indigenous practices for more information(webpage for the campaign).

Therapeutic massage insoles - glycerin(food grade) liquid filled insoles.
  • Shock absorption and massage effect
  • Helps to distribute the weight evenly and reducing pain, imbalance and the risk of injury.
  • Can be worn with any shoe, sandals, boots or flip flops
  • Increases blood circulation in the lower extremities
Orthotic fluid provides arch support, cushioning, massage and a variable surface for walking and standing.
Diabetic insoles
  • Designed for diabetic feet
  • Soft gels support and keep the feet comfortable all day.
  • Excellent shock absorption, helps with knee pain, heel spur and lower back pain.

Our Greatest Assets

Our feet, for those with able feet are our greatest asset. But they are the most neglected part of the body despite that they helps us to move around. 1.